Moving Forward With Something To Fall Back on or Not

Moving Forward With Something To Fall Back on or Not

This was an interesting thought as there was a conversation of a person who took the risk to try a profession they have always been interested in even though it was a risk considering she would have to quit doing what she currently did which offered a steady income. Call it luck or meant to be, but it seemed like the person is doing pretty well so far. Granted there are a lot of ups and downs where in the end maybe the person won’t be able to take it. But when asked this question they simply said if it didn’t work out they could always go back to what they did before.

Interesting mindset and plan as many times people fear in even attempting venture into a specific field or industry for fear that if they fail at it then they will lose everything. I guess like in this example there can be plenty of jobs where the employer will welcome you back with open arms. I have seen companies approaching their employees in a way where they clearly understand that they are there for a job to earn income which will aid them in their ultimate career goal such as after they graduate from school as an example. So while one would love to keep the person around, they are still actively supporting them for that day where they will go on to what they feel is a better fit for them.

There can be variations of this such as expanding into other business ideas when you have as solid business that is self functional and can carry you incase of any major losses for your new venture. The biggest obstacle truly is just starting when it comes to this stuff.

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