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Movie Subscription Services VS Regular Rentals

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My brother was telling me the other day that he was thinking of using the movie rental service Netflix as it seems so cheap compared to renting a movie from a store. I think it is something like $9 a month at minimum for an unlimited rental plan which is almost the cost of one movie rental through conventional means.

I was trying to think of a negative financially and the only real thing I could think of was with any subscription based services if you don’t normally use the service X amount of times then you will be wasting money regardless. For example, if you rarely ever rent movies at all then it doesn’t really matter how cheap that monthly fee is as this will make you spend more than normal.

Other than that, this made me think of how this is one of those things I’d say where if you are just stuck with the old way of doing things without exploring the new options that are out there you could be spending way more than you have to. I was looking at its steaming options too which looks really convenient if you have the setup for it.

For myself, I’m usually one of those people that buy the movies though during a sale if there is something I really want to watch. It’s been years since I have ever rented a movie.

2 Comments to Movie Subscription Services VS Regular Rentals

  • About 10 months ago we signed up for Videomatica’s (shop local!) DVD by mail service. We hardly ever went to the cinema (a poor value poor experience generally) and had not rented a movie for about 5 years.

    However, there were lots of things we would like to see and videomatica has a great collection which contained a lot of them. Taking away any need to see a movie/tv show “when it came out” this has been remarkably good value.

    Since September I think it’s something between 70 and 80 titles we’ve seen. What’s more because they are mailed to us we haven’t used any gas or time to collect them. Mailing back is also free and mailboxes are everywhere so no cost there either.

    I’m not convinced about buying when there is a sale. To me that’s just taking a risk on something which will take up space in my house! However, it’s better value than going to the cinema 🙂

    Stewart 8/11/2009 6:46 am
  • I always wondered if mailing those videos would get cumbersome after while. If you buy sales such as five DVD’s for $8 maybe you will change your mind. :mrgreen: Although, this saving method is only if you are not in a rush to watch the movie. Then you could easily resell them if you are worried about the clutter.

    Alan Yu 8/11/2009 9:34 pm

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