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When A Motivational Challenge Involves Buying A Company’s Product or Service

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Today I got a message that seemed very informative where the business was giving people tips on what it potentially takes to succeed in various industries. Afterwards they put out a challenge for people to do certain things as a way to keep themselves accountable. This was the odd part as essentially they wanted people to enroll in its service and to use it everyday. It wasn’t very cheap overall at about $30 a month too.

It did make me think how many times you can do and should probably opt for the free option to do motivational stuff. For example, if your challenge was to do ten push ups a day then why not do it at home as opposed to paying for a gym membership just for that? If you wanting to learn ways to do a potential part time business why not research for free first online as opposed to automatically paying for an expensive convention?

If you need actual assistance then that is different of course. I think even for people wanting to get an idea off the ground though many times we can spend way too much money taking these challenges that are really just a way for someone else to profit out of it.

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