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This really has been a very casual section so far which I guess suits the original intent. Didn’t really get to do what I wanted though due to some circumstances that has been eating up a lot of my spare time, but that didn’t stop the blog from generating some more income. Today I received another payment from Google for $116.65.

I was thinking that‘s not too bad considering I don’t really focus too much on monetizing the blog as I simply write like normal. This made me curious as to how well that widget bucks program was doing. To my surprise, I am due for a payment as apparently last month I passed the minimum payment point. Ironically, I thought it wouldn’t do well at all since it seems like it is more fitting for a tech site.

The breakdown looks like this so far:

Stock Investment: $800
Web Publishing: $222.19
Million Dollar Term: $100

Total: $1122.19

I guess Google adsense won’t really be an income source once that Forbes network kicks in as all the ads will be converted to advertisements supplied by them. Not bad for a casual start so far I’d say. Almost feels like passive income in many ways.

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