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More Off Brand Parts For Popular Air Purifier Items

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With the heat coming and the COVID-19 worries I guess it is no surprise that people are buying air purifiers that have cooling fans to get the best of both worlds. Some of them can be really expensive too where the cost could easily be over $500 after tax. For these purifiers there is also the need to look at future expenses such as the cost of replacing filters. These can cost over $100 which definitely makes people rethink if getting one is worth it.

An interesting thought with this is that you can often get filter replacements that work just as well from third party manufacturers and they cost way less than official manufacturer ones. That $100 replacement could be $30 as an example. You usually have more supply options if the brand you are buying is very popular as well since manufacturers want to make products that have a high user base.

So in that sense it may be worth to pay for the popular name brand in that case oddly enough. One of the rare instances that it would make financial sense if the main item itself is virtually the same.

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