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Money On Fireworks For Halloween

It seems like there are so many stores around the area that have signs plastered on their widows stating how they now sell fireworks as a result of Halloween coming up. This is everything from grocery stores to businesses that normally only sell home hardware type of equipment. Guess some will do anything to capitalize on a special occasion.

I think candy is the only thing I really spend money on for Halloween. I don’t mind watching firework events as they are usually fun, but nowadays when I think of those consumer end fireworks I mainly see money blowing up. They just don’t entertain like they used too when you were a kid.

I remember these little “snake” items for example where you lit them up and afterwards they slowly grow into this black like object that was suppose to look like a snake. Although, when I think about it now the end result looks more like something that people flush in the toilet all day except it is black. Each of those were like twenty five cents a piece and they lasted for like 3 seconds.

Roman candles are okay to a certain extent still for me. But in general, if I really wanted to watch some fireworks on Halloween you can pretty much just look outside the window for a free show. Save the money to buy better candy for people.

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