Money Laundering
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Money Laundering

With so many people constantly looking for quick ways to make money, it’s no wonder that so many people get suckered into releasing details such as their bank account information as a result of promises that easy money will be coming their way once they do so. Just recently, I got this e-mail that tried to label itself as some kind of high paying job offer at first which stated the following:

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We are currently recruiting a CASH REPRESENTATIVE to work for the company as our agent/book keeper who will be handling our logistics in Canada.

This is in view of our not having a branch office presently in Canada. You do not need to have an office and you will have a free time doing your permanent job, you will also secure a good income during the process. You will be entitled to 10% of whatever amount you received from customers on behalf of the company.

*The average MONTHLY INCOME is about $6000!
*There will be no financial obligation from you.
*This job takes only 1-3 hours per day.

If you are interested on a possible collaboration get back to me at

Thank you.

Of course I knew it had to be shady in some way. Now the thing with this one was that it linked to a forum where the person was pretty blunt about what you needed to do and stated the following:

OK! I’ll get right to the point. I have large amount of funds on numerous bank accounts which needs to be laundered. I need your help to do that. You’ll get 10% of each transaction coming into your bank account.

I can provide transaction of up to $5000.

You receive transfer into your bank account -> withdraw cash ->
take your 10% -> send the rest to me (by western union)

It’s a good and legal way of making money.

It’s recommended not to transfer more than $5,000 to each account.
Let’s say You have received $5000, to your account.
10% of $5,000 = $500 goes to your pocket.

Beginners for their first transfer will not receive more than $1000. After they’ve received $1000 and send 90% of that money to reviewed supplier, they’ll be granted a status of reviewed receiver and will be trusted with transfers of $5000 at once.

Requirements: You need to have at least one account in one of the banks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the United States.

To start, register and send me an email

You can also view our forum for more information.

You’d think all warning bells would go off as basic common sense, but shockingly people were actually asking for more information and instructions as seen in this screenshot:

In general, a person that wants to launder money wants to hide something, so why would you want to get yourself involved in it? Don’t get lured into these predicaments and at the same time it shows that although it might be obvious for a lot of us, awareness is still needed from time to time to help others from making impulsive decisions.

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