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Money In Your Bank Account As A Report Card

I was reading a comment from a person today where he was about to spend his last $20 that he had to go grocery shopping. Of course, he said it in a sarcastic happy tone on how it was jut the way it is for his kind of profession where you don’t know when your next day of work is going to come.

I was just thinking about that though and I think way before that amount I would start trying to become super resourceful and not spend any money at all. For myself, in many ways I see a bank account as a constant report card for yourself and not just say some jar that you keep your coins in to spend.

So when I see things like how someone is going to literally just spend the last dollar in their account it just makes me wonder how much more money they could have at the end of the day with just this little shift in terms of mindset and approach when it comes to one’s savings. Of course, you have to treat it serious too such as I doubt in school most people would say “I’ll just fail this year and make it up next year”. Same thing with handling the money in your accounts.

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