Money In Exchange For Peace of Mind

Money In Exchange For Peace of Mind

Today I received an invoice for some services as it is the tax season and at the same time people operating businesses need to report all these annual documents to the government. I personally just have a firm handle this for me and so all I need to do is sign the proper paper work, send it back and that should be the end of it.

I was just reviewing the information and honestly considering that I don’t exactly run some kind of operation that has say 100 board of directors the paper work is extremely minuscule. At the same time, the fee for doing this is over $250.

As an example of difficulty, imagine it’s like you needing to renew a magazine subscription and all the person is really doing is sending in the renewal form for you once they get your signature. Of course when it comes to a business of some sort it is a little more delicate, but workload wise it is very similar.

I often refer to these as peace of mind expenses as the work seems so simplistic in a pure profit way for the company that you can’t help but to wonder why you aren’t simply doing it yourself. I know for me in this situation it’s because I don’t want to mess up in anyway as you are often told how it can be so bad for you if you do something wrong.

So when I think about it, is the peace of mind really worth it for the amount that I am paying for? Cause really, from a technically point of view it’s not like the task in general is extremely complex in nature considering the circumstance.

I usually do better when it comes to my personal life though when it comes to these types of expenses as I always try to learn as much as possible to be able to do things myself if necessary. Hey, it’s more fun that way too I find. Ironically, you save money and get a better piece of mind knowing that you don’t have to be dependent on a 3rd party source too.

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