Money Greed
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Money Greed

I was reading a small article today in the paper about how this former city manager was making about $88,000 a year and is currently being charged for operating a marijuana growth operation. Some other people who read it as well commented on how it seemed so crazy that a person making that much a year would try to do something like that to make even more money.

This kind of reminds me on how someone told me before that he believes it is kind of important to train yourself in being able to live below your means. Not only do you save a lot of money, but at the same time it kind of teaches you that money is just an object. As a result, you will tend to focus on being more resourceful as well as oppose to thinking that you always need money for everything. Odds are, you will less likely to fall into temptation as well in situations like the above that seems like a quick and easy way to make more money.

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