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Monetization or Employment Money For Your Work Passion

So today I attended a local event that revolved around independent journalism and it seemed like it was trying to raise awareness about it. I am no journalist myself, but over the years I have made blog posts which seemed to garner a lot of attention such as exposing certain business opportunities or people with questionable business practices. As a result, I noticed that it helped many people as if it was a piece published in say the local news or paper. So it got me curious about the types of news that get published from other sources that aren’t so mainstream.

The first point that was expressed about the life of an independent journalist was the money. Essentially, it sounded kind of depressing as people were saying as much as they love the work it is unstable and that they implore people to have an actual job. I also heard during the crowd participation that for the most part people work on an honorarium basis and at times people mentioned they have to start valuing their work and expect to be paid for it. However, due to the competitive nature of the field you can’t just do that. Therefore, many simply focus on other things to simply survive as opposed to following their passion.

I was thinking how this sounded eerily similar to the life of an artist. However, I think the main difference is that most artists are probably prepared to be in a starving artist mindset whereas something like journalism would initially sound like an office job with a stable income. At the same time, I would say an artist is more likely to try and find ways to make an income out of their passion even if no one hired them directly. That then got me to read how some independent journalists use various funding and sponsorship sources that even an artist would use with great success. In some ways it was surprising that the concept of it was foreign to them.

I’ve never tried this myself, but I have often heard that a lot of people online who pursue some kind of passion but obviously need money to survive use sites such as Patreon to do so. Essentially, you are changing the mindset of trying to find like an employer but rather sponsors or supporters. I was thinking about this too where isn’t it easier to try and find ways to monetize your passion as oppose to someone who will employ you to do it in these types of cases?

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