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Modifying What You Already Have

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Today I was reading about how there were some people who really liked dried food and so to save money they figured it was cheaper to simply do it themselves. However, they didn’t really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a dehydrator to do so. A person then brought up how all they do is simply use their oven except they put the heat to extremely low. As well they use some kind of special container. As a result, it pretty much mimics a dehydrator that way for them.

I was thinking about that and it does seem like one of those potentially common sense stuff where you tend to believe you need to buy something completely different to do a task when really what you have already can do the same thing if you adjust it a little. Almost reminds me of how many people buy like a couple of different kind of vegetable choppers when one of them could potentially mimic them all. Actually, it reminds me of that blender stuff I talked about a few posts ago.

Gotta remember that sometimes these types of things are gimmicks as they need to convince us to buy more stuff.

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