Mixing Up Billing Fees
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Mixing Up Billing Fees

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Many times when we buy items we tend to look at just the immediate price tag of a product which lures us to spend money as we think it is such a great deal. Today I took a casual gander on Ebay as there is this electric toothbrush I was potentially interested in and how I thought this would give me an idea on a price comparison if I was to buy it from a store.

When I first did a search I found a listing for the item for about $99 with a $25 shipping rate which didn’t seem too bad considering the item was about $180 normally at retail stores.

I then saw another listing that indicated it was $81.50 and thought that was even better. However, I then looked at the shipping rate and was stunned.

As you can see, the seller was charging a shipping fee of $75.73. Granted the shipping service is different, but that is still a substantial amount. So while it looked better at first, in the end it would be way more.

I knew a person once who said he simply sold these dishes on Ebay at a loss and instead just hiked up the shipping fee which made him a lot of profit in the end. As he mentioned, for some reason people simply just focused on the price of the item itself.

Just like all those hidden charges on specific services, you really have to be aware of what you are really paying in the end.

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