Missing Stocking Up With Sales Opportunity
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Missing Stocking Up With Sales Opportunity

This was an interesting thought as I recently talked about how I saw some bags of avocado for a great price. So today I was debating if I should buy more as I know my mom usually buys them at full price. So as I went to the store it looked like the price went back up t almost five dollars versus what it was a few days ago. Quite a big price difference. There was actually no limit as well that day but I ended up buying two bags and figured if I was asked to buy more I could get it today. But the sale has sailed off for now.

Considering there was no limit would you have purchased say five bags that day? Since it is a perishable item, I would have reservations of buying too much to the point where you have to either force yourself to eat more than usual before it goes bad or potentially throwing them away. If it was canned goods though that can be stored for a long time that is different story as I most likely would have but a lot more.

I actually figured it would be all sold out since it was so cheap. So no big loss but it shows how the deal can be gone tomorrow if you think too long at times.

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