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Misleading You With Gifts For Store Credit Cards

So today I was in this store called Canadian Tires looking for a piece of exercising equipment and when I arrived around the section that had these products this lady walks up to me. She was an employee and immediately tells me how they were giving away these free small portable radio players and literally she gives me one to hold as if it was mine now.

The funny thing was I actually recognized these items as you can buy them from cheap places such as dollar stores and I was fully aware ahead of time that this business gives these players away for people who sign up for the store credit card.

She then went on how the store that day was also giving out these $30 certificates too and everyone was qualified to take advantage of it. All she needed was for me to agree to it and that she needed my name and information to sign up for this great deal. It was kind of amazing too as she didn’t even mentioned one word about it being a store credit card.

I continually told her that I wasn’t really interested in it and of course she pressed on about all the free stuff I would get. Eventually, she did blurt out that another benefit to signing up for this program is that I would get a great store credit card as well. I politely just told her no again and again and ultimately she just gave up. Course, she took back her one dollar player and all too.

It’s just kind of amazing on the things that people do to try and confuse you about what you are really signing up for. Like they say, nothing is truly free.

Comments to Misleading You With Gifts For Store Credit Cards

  • My mother just tells them she’s bankrupt and wouldn’t qualify for their card anyway, and they leave her alone. She’s not lying, but it’s such a successful and inoffensive way of stopping these pushy people in their tracks, that she will continue to use this line after the bankruptcy disappears from her record in 2 more years. Just an idea, in case you don’t feel like entertaining their sales ploys!

    MoneyMateKate 11/6/2008 9:33 am
  • As funny as it may be, I actually heard someone say that they were bankrupt before, had no money and so fourth but the employee then said that they could still try to see if they would get approved as you never know.

    I think it is usually because these people have some kind of company quota to deal with everyday to make sure that they are doing their job.

    Alan Yu 11/6/2008 4:17 pm

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