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Microwaving Money To Clean Coronavirus?

I often say that financial literacy is an important skill to develop where many of us simply don’t get the training and practice to manage our finances. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic you can bet that there are plenty of people trying to figure out how to earn enough money to just survive. Sometimes you read money stories like this though which makes you wonder how it can be true.

Apparently a person alleges that they work at a bank and a customer brought in a bunch of paper money which seemed to have burnt holes on them. From what the person states, the customer informed them that they attempted to microwave the money in an effort to make sure that they were clean to use and handle.

Again, how is it possible that this is true? Well, either way stories like this should tell you never to do that to your money. I think this is technically worse than losing money on a bad investment. If you are that concern with viruses and germs on many I think going digital is a better rational choice.

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