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Microwaves And Non Microwavable Containers Don’t Mix

Okay, this is one of those things where you’d think it should be a clear do not do type of thing, but apparently not for everyone. Just recently a worker at my office brought a container from home as there is frozen food in the mini fridge for people to eat and it was more convenient for him that day to warm something up at the office instead of packing a lunch. Now when he showed me the container I asked him if he was sure it was microwavable as I had my doubts that it was. I guess the reason for my doubts was that the container looked kind of slim. He reassured me that it was and he proceeded to microwave two of those frozen pizza pops for only about two to three minutes.

Once he finished warming it up, he took it out and that’s when things got interesting as he couldn’t remove the lid from the container at all. That’s when everyone noticed that the container started to cave in as it appeared that the air inside was trapped and was actually condensing the container. This is what it looked like from the top:

Looks kind of normal right? You can kind of see the container being a little dented in from that angle, but it’s the side and bottom angle that really tells the story here:

I guess that clears up any doubts whether this was a microwavable container or not huh? In the end, I just took out my small pair of portable scissors and poked a small hole on the top lid which allowed the air to get out and ultimately enabling him to open it.

Even those pizza pops looked like they got crushed by the air as well as you can kind of see the folded marks on them.

Let that be a lesson as that is an example of a bad way to save money where at times like these it is better to spend the extra dollars for something that will work for sure for what you are intending to use it for.

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