Microsoft Bing With ChatGPT And Google Layoffs

Microsoft Bing With ChatGPT And Google Layoffs

Some interesting reads today where it made me wonder if Google is in serious trouble in regards to potentially losing market share. At first I read stories on how Google has been conducting massive layouts which a lot of tech companies have done recently. That in itself isn’t good. But then today Microsoft announced that they will be introducing its AI chat feature for its Bing search engine utilizing ChatGPT.

From what I heard, a lot of people have been using the boy to generate some impressive results such as people trying to code programs where whenever one is stuck they would type in their questions and get responses as if you are talking to a knowledgeable teacher. This is all part of the OpenAI project which Microsoft seems to be invested in. The thought on my mind is, can this take away Google’s market share for searches?

I still remember way back when places like Yahoo was the king for people to search for things on the Internet when ultimately Google overtook them. I almost feel like in this situation it can now happen o Google. Granted they have way more items such as Google maps and owning Android OS, but its search engine and pay per click revenue is a large part of their business income I would imagine. Will be interesting to see what happens.

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