Meeting So Many People From Your Past In High Business Positions

Meeting So Many People From Your Past In High Business Positions

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What a crazy day today was as recently a company I used to work for in the past as an employee was looking for specific types of people to help them with a project. Because of that it actually got me super interested in seeing if I would be an ideal fit for it. Imagine working at like a Mcdonalds when you were a child and now they were seeking to contract marketers to help with a large promotion as an example which you happen to do. To me it’s kind of cool to revisit your past in a different way.

So in the end they actually did decide that I was the best candidate and I accepted the contract. This was what was so neat about the experience. As I went to their head office I always wondered if the people I worked with before were still there. As it turns out a lot of them actually were still with the company. I started to mention names to the person who contracted me and many times he would tell me they were indeed there and were in relatively high positions. For example, overseeing the entire business operations for specific categories.

Then as I was doing some work a person came up to me with a shocked look as it actually was someone I used to work with so long ago at a store as well. It seemed like he was even playing a huge part in managing the company’s logistics country wide now. It was such a fun experience. But what it made me think is the thought that you never know if you will encounter people from your past again where working together is actually the best for business.

Can you imagine if we all just hated each other or treated one another like garbage way back? That would have killed any potential opportunities similar to how “bullies’ would harass people in school who end up being say a millionaire. It just reminds me how you should try and treat everyone with dignity and respect on your way up as the chances of crossing paths again are highly likely to the point where it could make or break a deal.

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