Massive Rockstar Game GTA VI Leaks

Massive Rockstar Game GTA VI Leaks

Data security is certainly a topic for many businesses and today was no exceptions it seems. News was everywhere that a highly anticipated game called Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar games was compromised where a hacker was able to obtain mountains of video and data about the unreleased game for the world to see. This was apparently confirmed as real and as you can imagine the company is devastated. It seems like the reaction from other people who work in the industry is to encourage people not to look at it. Most people wouldn’t do that of course.

With that said, it actually does make me wonder if this truly will effect the sales of the game since this isn’t like say a movie. I don’t know if you can ever truly prevent leaks 100%. For example, you can have the most expensive encrypted system in place only to then have a rogue employee give it away. Reminds me of an example where a person got hired to work at a retail store where his motivation for doing so was to try and get a hot Christmas item while at the same time selling information to people on when stock was going to arrive.

The only form of recourse that companies often do is the try and find the perpetrator where afterwards they hope to make an example out of them. If it seems harsh enough, then the hope is that it would deter others from trying it in the future. So instead of putting all of one’s resource to try and prevent it from getting out it’s like equally investing in ways to simply track and punish the criminal per se.

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