Marketing Perception of The Term Military Grade

Marketing Perception of The Term Military Grade

I never thought of this actually until someone brought it up where even I was kind of misled by this. Whenever you hear companies say that their product is military grade the natural assumption is to think that the item you are purchasing is say built to be tough and reliable right? Afterall, when you think military you envision huge tanks or jets along with sophisticated gear. But apparently that is not what military grade necessarily means at all.

While there doesn’t seem to be an agreed upon definition. Ultimately from what I gather it just means it is something that the military would be able to use based on specifications. So that could literally mean one item is built as cheaply as possible while still being able to perform the task at hand. So a military grade screwdriver as an example could literally mean it’s cheap an efficient versus it actually having high quality material to justify a high price tag. That kind of makes sense where it’s often companies that win contracts to make equipment and they have to do it within a specific budget.

Again, I was actually in that group of people who would initially assume that it meant more than it really did in terms of quality. Yes when you think about it a lot of companies probably take advantage of that fact where technically they aren’t misleading anyone. Many are simply choosing not to say anything and reap the benefits of people’s misconceptions of that term.

A lot of companies make up their own lingo in order to hype up products with fancy words. In this case with a term that is more universally used it just shows how many of us consumers don’t really know what we are buying at times huh?

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