So Many Natural Resources If You Really Wanted To Save Money
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So Many Natural Resources If You Really Wanted To Save Money

Today I did something for fun which involved walking around a huge park here called Stanley Park. A loop around would be about 9 km to 10 km which I never actually tried. As I walked around what I noticed were how many people there were gathering food. This ranged from people trying to catch like fishes to people simply collecting and tying blackberries straight from the plants. While keep in mind things like the fishing probably requires some kind of license I would assume, it almost makes me wonder why you wouldn’t think of things like this if you were really tight with money in life.

Blackberries as an example at a supermarket can go for a ridiculous price where this little tiny container could cost like $3 or more. Yet here you can pretty much grab all you want. It made me think more as I was talking to a lady today who was saying that she had a pear tree that was growing so much fruit where many of them began falling off the branches due to the weight. At first she was saying it was a bit stressful dealing with that and my response was “Stressful? It’s free fruit.” She was even saying how she didn’t think people would really want pears and wouldn’t know what to do with so many of them.

Again, it just made me think of how many natural resources there are for you if you expand your knowledge of an area. In many ways I suppose that involves leaving things like the car behind and actually exploring your city and surroundings from time to time. It can be fun too.

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