Mandatory Air Condition In Buildings Expense
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Mandatory Air Condition In Buildings Expense

So I was reading how apparently by 2025 or so all the new buildings here will have to have mandatory cooling built into the homes and buildings. Essentially, it’s air conditioning I gather and last year was scorching hot. So many people were unprepared where fans and air conditioning units had outrageous price gouged prices.

That made me wonder where when it comes to cooling your building with air conditioning units and a law would you be inclined to do it before it becomes mandatory for yourself? I can imagine it may only be a matter of time until old buildings may be asked eventually to upgrade everything as well. But I know a lot of people who actually refuse to use things like a heater or cooler as they want to save money such as just wearing a lot of clothes or just soaking themselves in water all the time.

I guess you could wait where if you lived in say a condo where air conditioning will be mandatory for all units then maybe the building having to purchase hundreds of units and systems to be installed may be cheaper in a volume discount fashion through a company.

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