Making Yourself Dependent On Things That Are Too Cheap
Financial Management

Making Yourself Dependent On Things That Are Too Cheap

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I had a thought today as I saw all these services such as how you can get people to clean your yard or even do various jobs for so little money to the point where you say “why not?” A lot of these tasks require very little time as is. As a result, we simply keep buying when we really don’t have to. It just made me think how at times like these it’s better to not be so frugal where the high prices will encourage you to not waste money on simple things.

It’s kind of like running a company in many ways where when you need a solution many people will go on a spending spree for so many things because it seems so cheap initially. Of course it adds up and reality kicks in. I suppose that is a reason to have balance in life where sometimes you simply need to surround yourself with “expensive” things as well so that it makes you think more on whether or not you can do things yourself as opposed to only seeing what kind of immediate financial impact it would have on you.

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