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Making Your Setbacks Public Or Not

I was comparing these two organizations today where when it comes to communicating with its customers they both seem to have different philosophies in terms of what you should let the customers know if the business is experiencing some kind of trouble. In this case both of these companies are wb host providers. One of them seemed to have a direction of you need to always put your best face forward and never let people know about company troubles as that will kill people’s confidence in doing further business with you. On the other side the other company is open about whenever they have trouble where they at times go as far as sharing company financials.

There isn’t a clear cut winner as well as they both seem to be doing well with the main difference being that one company has more turnover but acquires more new people whereas the other one has a more tight knit customer base and grows slower. I guess that shows you that there isn’t truly a right or wrong way to do it as it all depends on what kind of people you want to surround yourself with. Of course if you are like a fortune 500 company then I can’t imagine being more open about setbacks would help as one would probably have thousands of vultures waiting to take any negative news and blowing up to get attention.

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