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Making Your Own Lovey Dovey Cards And Messages

I was having a funny conversation with a person the other day as we were talking about holidays that seemed like they were invented for the sole purpose of selling cards. Most noticeably, any day that involves say celebrating a couple usually involves buying some kind of card. These things can start adding up too.

Then we were talking about how even writing something as simple as a well thought out message to your significant other would speak way more than any card can do. Not only that, you could save money. She was then telling me that one reason people never do it as they just feel so uncomfortable as they have been never trained to do it.

I was then thinking back to school. I don’t know about everyone else, but here in elementary school you were pretty much force to do things such as write all of your classmates a valentine. To a certain extent, learning about writing lovey dovey poems and messages as well. It was pretty straight forward then, so why wouldn’t it be now?

I guess as a kid too it’s one of those things where you work with what you have. Spending $5 on a greeting card at that age probably seems crazy on something they can do themselves. And yes, after we had a little bit of challenge to see if we could write romantic/thoughtful messages.

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