Making Your New Offerings Look Different Design Wise

Making Your New Offerings Look Different Design Wise

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It was kind of interesting hearing the public reaction to a new product launch for a company where as expected the new flagship product had better specs than the previous offerings. But funny enough people couldn’t get over the fact that the product’s design looked virtually similar to last year’s model. As a result, this generated conversations ranging from how the company is simply lazy to how they don’t care about their products.

It’s fascinating to think how important the design of a new product can be even though in these cases it should be more about what’s inside the product and whether or not it functions as advertised. In some silly ways I could imagine a company not getting as much grief if their new product looked super cool but fell a little short spec wise.

I suppose this shows you can’t just cut corners when it comes to design and aesthetics. Especially for larger companies where everyone expects premium quality in every department.

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