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Making You Spend On Occasions

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It’s Valentines day today and of course while that usually means it’s time for couples to treat each other with some romantic things there sure are a lot of products and services that are targeting single people with the usual spin of making it feel like you better buy something to not be alone. What was interesting to me were articles such as ones that tell you to do things such as writing Valentine’s day letters to yourself or even buying cards and chocolate and having it delivered to yourself right on that day.

I was just thinking, is this day just simply an event to try and get people to buy cards and chocolate or is it a day where couples can dedicate a day to celebrate their relationship? I would think too that if you do spend all that money and effort to deliver things to yourself where if the point is to not feel lonely that you would feel even more lonely afterwards.

On a different note, anyone else see that Valentines day video that Google put up too? It was this:

It sure generated a lot of controversy too as one of the couples appeared to be a same sex couple in the cartoon.

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