Making Things That Others Have Already Made
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Making Things That Others Have Already Made

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The other day a person gave me a comment how he was so glad to see that I published some work that he resonated with. That’s always a great thing of course. He also made a remark how if no one else did it then he was going to do it. So now he doesn’t have to. That got me to think how regardless of the fact that I put something out there it’s always great to see other people’s work as well as you could create something that has your own flavor and direction that may resonate better with other people as an example.

Do you tend to not pursue things just because someone has something out already? Just think of how many inventions that we would have never seen where many times it’s not about just coming up with someone completely new but rather making an existing idea even better. You just limit your opportunities too much as well I feel if you never do anything simply because you are not the first to do so.

Kind of like the simple buying and reselling items formula to make a profit online that many people do. In many cases people sell the exact same stuff from the exact same sources. But putting a little different twist in things like marketing and branding can make people want to get it from you instead. Or even creating bundles of sort so people don’t need to think of everything they need. Don’t just pass by opportunities like that I say.

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