Making Thing Sound Expensive To Justify Your Prices

Making Thing Sound Expensive To Justify Your Prices

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It’s a common company tactic to make things sound luxurious or exclusive in order to justify a high price tag. I think for food the one that still makes me scratch my head is how people put gold in their food to make the dish cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But recently I was reading an example that seemed kind of silly since I was knowledgeable about the topic. There was a person who was charging people a ton of money and in order to justify it he gave examples of his expenses.

Part of that was his website expense which really got my attention because from what I saw it was basically as static website like a business card which probably costs at most $10 a month to host. However, he was in a sense expressing how his business overhead is so high for things like this which is why he has to charge thousands of dollars for his work otherwise he would lose money. After that I didn’t really trust a word he said.

While I am one to believe people should charge what they are worth if they feel the value of their product or service is justified giving the illusion that something must be expensive to do so doesn’t sit right with me. Makes me wonder too because aren’t be afraid that they will eventually bump into someone who will be able to immediately identity certain details as being false? I guess for many it’s just about playing the numbers game where if the majority will never know then they will try to make as much as they can before times up.

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