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Making Sure People Can Pay For Your Service or Not

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This was kind of funny I thought as I think I decided upon which dental office to visit at least to get the common x-ray checkup to determine what issues there are to potentially correct. AS I phoned in and this was a new place I have never been they asked if I had dental insurance. I actually don’t personally and so I would have to pay everything out of pocket. This is what was interesting as the receptionist on the phone kind of stuttered a bit and informed me on what the fees would be.

I was okay with it of course. But the tone of voice made it sound like she probably seen many cases where the patient say runs away once they hear the fees. Kind of makes you think too, would you ever dare to ask your customer or client on whether or not they can actually afford your service as opposed to just telling them how much your service costs?

I know in these types of practices people often take advantage of the fact that people use insurance to the point where the client gets charged a high fee where it is assumed they won’t even pay attention since it isn’t their money. I did read cases where people still found out afterwards and questioned the bill which would be appropriate.

I still remember one example after high school as I was actually thinking of buying a car. I had more than enough saved to buy it brand new where ultimately I just didn’t want to rent or lease it. While looking at the cars a salesmen comes up to me and it seems like he tried to size me up to see if I was say just some kid with no money. He asked if I was looking to lease or buy and I said buy.

He then threw a comment on how if I was truly rich and could just buy a car brand new then I wouldn’t be there buying it myself. I would instead hire someone to go to the dealer to buy it for me in the same vein as hiring people to do your grocery shopping. What an ignorant statement huh? He then said because of that I should just lease a car instead. Now my assumption is the salesmen probably makes more money getting people to lease cars. But in that example of trying to find out if your customer can actually pay for the product I definitely did not want to give that place any of my money.

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