Making More Than You Spend On Training

Making More Than You Spend On Training

One interesting line that I heard from a person today was how his philosophy in running his business is that he believes people that come into his school to learn should be leaving out the door and landing work that pays them more than they are spending at his school. This isn’t exactly a traditional public school setting, but think of it like say a person running a constant seminar or a language tutor that you visit each week.

Essentially, he is comparing himself to his competitors where it seems like for the most part they want to fill up their classes. Then what happens after is not too much of a concern as they base all of their prices on the value of their service and not so much if it actually helps you find business/work.

The general notion is that when it comes to anything that you have learned it is up to you to apply that knowledge. However, to prevent yourself from spending tens of thousands of dollars and falling for situations where people promise the moon if you train with them is to set goals for yourself on the type of returns that you think is realistic based on the investment you are putting forward.

That is different from say a mindset where you are investing to make yourself reach to a certain level of competency which you then hope will generate results. Specifically expecting a result from your investment in training or learning from a person can make you quickly realize too if it is working for you or not.

In many ways I think this goes for items like books too. Of course, it is unrealistic to say something like if you bought this $10 book that you will make one million in a year. Instead, there should be a goal with that. Example, you wanted to learn to save an extra $100 a month and so this book should be helping you to save about $25 a week. Basically, expect to earn more than what you invest. It’s not always about many, but you need to be self conscience of it to a certain extent I’d say.

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