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Making Money While Learning And Growing

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I was talking to a lady today who moved to Vancouver not too long ago as a result of her husband having to relocate for career purposes. Because of that, she wasn’t too familiar with the area. The interesting thing was instead of just taking free time and exploring the area or say paying someone to help her, she decided to do some work that required frequent traveling to different locations. As a result, she got to learn the area pretty well as well as getting paid for it.

I definitely agree with that train of thought provided one has the time and flexibility to do so. I remember another example way back where one guy I knew decided to learn about restaurant management and paid thousands of dollars to learn about it and afterwards with that training and knowledge he found a job in his desired profession.

At the same time, another person literally just worked from bottom up at a restaurant and eventually became a manager pretty much at the same time as the other person. It is safe to say that they both were qualified to work in a management position. I thought that was such an interesting contrast at the time too where it was literally one person was being paid to learn and the other was paying to learn.

Of course that’s not saying for example you should never pay for say an education as in many situations that is the most productive and safe way to do it. But in general even other examples like say if you want to join an exercise club to stay healthy which you pay a monthly membership for, deciding to casually work at something that requires more physically activity may achieve similar results too and at the same time you can earn some money while you’re at it.

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