Making Money Versus Profession Prestige

Making Money Versus Profession Prestige

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This was kind of a funny conversation about professions and pay where I was talking to one individual on how there are people that make a lot of money doing things such as wearing full body costumes for events and productions. It’s not unusual to see people like that get paid $20 to $50 an hour depending on the type of work. The person I was talking to then responded how they would never do that even for that amount of money as it’s one of those go nowhere jobs that simply pay a lot.

I personally find responses a little strange as to me a lot of people work their job simply to make money. At that rate above too, it’s almost like the same pay of being a manager at a company. To me, as long as you are passionate and have fun with what you do then you are already miles ahead of others who dread every day that they have to wake up and do whatever it is that they do that they don’t enjoy. It’s almost like how in school people would often make fun of professions like a plumber as a go nowhere in life job. In reality, they can actually make a very decent living and guess who everyone calls for plumbing related issues in their homes?

I think it should be more about if you are progressing in “life” as opposed to a career per se. Example, if you get challenged and inspired to do big things each day because of the work you do that is probably a lot better than trying to get a promotion for the sake of getting one.

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