Making Money By Just Trying
Making Money

Making Money By Just Trying

dji free credit

The other day I got quite a surprise as I was checking up on one of my accounts as I was simply researching prices for some products for my drone. The next thing I knew I saw that the account had $119 US in credit available for me to spend. This was actually perfect as I was holding off in buying extra items for it due to financial discipline. Free is always the good solution to that.

The way I got most of that credit was that I had some affiliate links for the product at specific sites. The funny thing was I originally had the mindset that it’s going to be very rare that someone would just buy like a $1000+ item after quickly seeing it on a site. I placed up the links anyways as to me I had nothing to lose. Sure enough it generated some sales.

Kind of shows that if you have the opportunity to generate some potential side income then why not give it a try? Especially if it is a situation where there is no investment for you to do so. In many ways it’s like he saying I hear in sales often on how you should always give the person the chance to say no as oppose to you just doing it for them.

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