Making Money In Non Challenging Roles
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Making Money In Non Challenging Roles

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I was talking to a few people today who for the most part get paid to sit and stand around most of the day due to the nature of the work. While many are excited about that initially, there was a couple of people who mentioned that ultimately it didn’t seem like it was worth it as it seemed like such a waste of time in life as it wasn’t challenging in anyway.

That’s true even for me I thought where I would rather be doing something challenging to make a dollar rather than standing there doing nothing most of the time. My main reason is that if you don’t do something challenging, then all you are doing is getting money without increasing the likelihood that you can gain more skills to possibly do even greater things.

In that sense, you could be losing even more financially that way when it comes to the long term. Therefore, I personally always like to make sure that I am doing something that is either pushing me out of my comfort zone or forcing me to think of different ways of doing things. Can’t always just be about money.

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