Making Money Because of Boredom
Making Money

Making Money Because of Boredom

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This week for some reason I encountered multiple people who are financially well off to the point where they could simply take it easy as money is not really an obstacle in their lives as they have more than enough streams of income to just enjoy life. The thing is though they continually try to make more money as they think it would be too boring to just do nothing and even when they get very old they will still probably want to continue to work in some way.

The common thing out of all these people it seemed was that they first started out with virtually nothing and the only thing on their mind was to make a lot of money and that was pretty much their goal at the time. The great thing is that it actually worked where they followed through with their goal and with a lot of hard work and persistence they accomplished their goal. The bad thing is that once they reached that goal they kind of implied that there seemed to be something missing and so they just keep making more money as life gets boring if they stop since there is nothing else to do.

There was one gentleman that I was talking to about business and financial matters. In general, it was mostly just about our current goals and direction in life. He seemed like he was extremely successful while at the same time did not seem entirely fulfilled in what he was currently doing as I guess it was more like a routine. Similarly, money was the key thing on his mind back then. Since I am a lot younger than him, he began to give me a lot of advice as I learned a lot about his experiences on how he became who he is today and the things to watch out for. Of course, I also talked about my current path and direction and the thing that got him thinking was how he mentioned that my energy and passion reminded him so much of himself when he was younger which he admired.

The thing that sticks out to me the most about all of this is again on how thinking broader like in my previous post about one’s definition of success in life can sure help you in the long run. I personally think it is good in wanting to always be doing something, so to speak, as you want to live life to your fullest potential. When making money becomes like a routine just to fill up time though, I think that is a sign to really sit down and re-evaluate what it is you are trying to accomplish as in my opinion money is just one of the means in life to help you accomplish what you really want.

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