Making Money As Long As It Is Not Illegal

Making Money As Long As It Is Not Illegal

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I was watching an episode of Dragon’s Den recently and one pitch kind of caught my attention as essentially a former police officer had an invention that was supposed to help block the last letter of the license plate on a car from being captured by a photo radar. Therefore, even if you were caught speeding and it took a picture of your license plate, without having the last character visible they can’t issue you a ticket. He then mentioned that he got caught by the radar before too and so he thinks there are millions of people out there who would buy his invention.

My first reaction was is a former police officer really trying to make money off something like this? I think it would be the equivalent of member in a former security firm inventing bags where store alarms can’t detect them with reasoning such as people get embarrassed when they walk through those alarms and it beeps. Of course, common sense is that it would mostly attract criminals or people who are trying to steal.

That then raised some dialogue how if it isn’t illegal then you shouldn’t care as it is all about the money. There were some interesting points too such as saying it’s legal to sell things like cigarettes which kills people and so this could potentially be no difference. Heated topic when it comes to business and money for sure. I think in every angle it’s one of those things too where you can’t condemn that one item unless you condemn everything that’s like it, so to speak.

At the end of the day, regardless if a person like myself says that the item is immoral for example it ultimately comes down to the consumer where not buying it is the real way to say it should go away, so to speak.

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