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Making Money As A Published Author

I was talking to my friend the other day who was in the midst of finishing a book that he was writing in hopes to get it published. This is going to be his first real attempt in becoming a published author. I was talking to him too on how it must be real difficult to find a publisher.

At first I was thinking that an E-book direction might work but he mentioned that he needed to get paid and an E-book wouldn’t do it he felt. However, he did have an interesting idea where he would create a site where people can download a sort of preview for free in hopes to attract people to buy the book itself after he goes the process in finding a publisher.

I personally don’t have any direct experience in this. Although, what this made me think of is how this can probably be a good way for people to make an extra income. I have always dangled on the thought of doing something like writing a book, but I just never really thought about what I would write about as well as committing the time to it. Although, ironically if you look at all the blog posts I have done over the years it’s almost like I write a book after every couple of months.

Another benefit I see for published authors is that you can use that to leverage other things in your life as usually that gives you credibility for other things such as seminar events. I’m almost inclined to say that some book authors end up making more money from doing events and speeches afterwards. Like everything else though, I guess the key is to make sure you are passionate about what you are doing first and foremost.

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