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Making Money Anonymously

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This was kind of an interesting remark I heard. The topic revolved around a person that was making money online by asking for donations. Essentially, what she did was that she would post about her hardships and life and why she needs money. Surprisingly, people actually donated a lot of money apparently. One person then made a comment how she could probably get more donations if she actually revealed her identity so that people can semi verify that what they are reading is true.

The first thing that comes across my mind is how do you know that everything that you are reading isn’t purely fictional to begin with? I know on the web too there are a ton of guys that do things like pretending to be some damsel in distress to get guys to open their wallets. I hear that from time to time too where people want to find ways on how they can do things like create a website specifically to make money yet remain completely anonymous.

Unless you are doing something that is controversial or illegitimate I can’t see why you would want to be anonymous if your goal was to specifically raise funds for a cause of some sort. It’s usually easier to find help when you are not anonymous too I’d say as people can relate to you better.

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  • Maybe you want to remain anonymous because you are embarrass to have to ask for money? Or maybe you don’t want everyone in your business. Depending on the reason you need the money, it can be very personal.

    Mo 5/13/2017 4:26 am

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