Making Big Purchases Over Potential War or Not
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Making Big Purchases Over Potential War or Not

There was so much news today about a Chinese Warship intentionally getting close to a US and Canada destroyer around Taiwan to the point where it sounded intentional and could escalate it into a war of sorts. Funny enough, one of my first thoughts as well is how with everything currently being okay would it be wise to stop holding out on a good deal for computer and electronic items I have been eyeing on? Because if something does happen everything will increase and there is a possibility, I won’t be able to get them.

I am almost inclined to put aside the frugal mindset in terms of trying to get a fantastic deal and settle for the frequent ten percent off deals as an example. My other thought though is I have pre-planned exactly that I need and which vendors to get it from. So, the first sign of any kind of actual war breaking out I will immediately purchase the items online as if it is a Black Friday sale.

I think that is the middle ground from just spending out of fear from something that may not happen while still having a good chance to obtain the item.

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