Making Bad Business Associates Pay More or Not

Making Bad Business Associates Pay More or Not

I was reading the news recently where apparently China is having a lot of blackouts due to power supply issues. What was interesting to hear in this story though was the perspective on how China essentially banned Australian imports such as coal not too long ago due to political disputes. I would imagine in China’s shoes they figured that any country would bow down to them or risk losing all this export revenue.

Australia didn’t cave in though and ultimately they just found different buyers where in the end it didn’t affect them much. So now that China is having a power supply issue people are wondering if they will actually go crawling back to Australia for some coal. Which brought up the thought on how since China was very offensive towards them should Australia jack up the price for them specifically if they request to purchase coal?

Would you do that if you ran a business where another company followed through with an action to try and hurt you financially as part of a questionable negotiation tactic? Or would you simply brush that aside as that was the past per se?

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