Making And Saving Money Should Be Fun
Financial Management

Making And Saving Money Should Be Fun

I was watching a program that had a couple who were talking about how financial management is so difficult and that making money is a boring everyday chore. For myself, I personally find it kind of fun to see how doing certain things can drastically save you money or watching your income grow as a result of wise decisions. Some people have told me that for them it is like an addiction wanting to see numbers climb up higher each time.

I guess the main thing is that in my mind I can control what happens to me financially as oppose to thinking that money controls me. I personally think that is true for almost everything else as well for someone to enjoy a task. Now people often get very cynical over a remark like that and begin saying how this and that person has it all and so obviously they would enjoy it.

My usual response to people who say that is what is stopping them from doing the things that are necessary to achieve similar results? Every time thus far when someone has tried to give me some kind of justification on why they were forced into a rut they end up admitting that they can change. In my opinion, it’s almost like a person running with ski boots on all the time and saying that running around the neighborhood is too painful and tiring which is why they can’t exercise. Like with that, what is stopping one from wearing running shoes instead? I’m sure it will be a lot more fun afterwards too.

Seeing results is the biggest factor I’d say in being able to enjoy taking care of your financial responsibilities. If you are someone who is in debt for example, I’m sure that wiping out even a small one within your pool at first will provide you with a lot of motivation to keep going and eventually it will become like an activity. When it comes to making money, it may be very cliché saying, but you should first focus in enjoying what you do as the money will come. Why shouldn’t it be fun?


  • joewatch 5/16/2007

    I think it’s fine to enjoy making money. However, at some point, you have to realize that money is not really the goal, it’s the means to achieve your goals.

    If you talk to millionaires, I think you will find out that they are happy to have achieved financial security. But the ones who are living great, satisfying lives, are the ones who are using their financial security to allow them to explore new ideas, create new businesses, help people, etc.

  • Alan Yu 5/16/2007

    That’s a nice way of putting it and is pretty much my personal view when it comes to money in the overall sense as well.

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