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Maintaining Steady Supplies To Save Money

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Well I made a little error today which is a not so good habit that can cost you a lot of money as it adds up. Basically, I ran out of certain supplies and therefore my reaction was to just simply go to the closest store and buy some. Not surprisingly, I just paid the regular retail shelf price which wasn’t too good considering I know that I could have gotten the thing for at least 30% cheaper.

That’s a bad habit that you should definitely avoid as I can easily imagine people spending hundreds of dollars more per year simply because of situations like this. Of course you need to plan it in such a way where you aren’t buying too much at once too. For example, if I had only say five blank DVD’s left that would probably be a good time to start hunting for a good deal on a pack of 50 or 100 as opposed to scrambling to buy one at the last minute. The same thing goes for things like certain food supply items and all.

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