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Maintaining The Professional Relationship Once You Have It

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I was thinking with a networking event recently that there are some people that looked so good at mingling with so many people that establishing professional relationships with others seemed like an ease for him. While many people would really talk and get to know about two people or so this guy was jumping everywhere and would talk to dozens while getting their info.

In the end though I found out that most people never even continued to talk to the person. It’s almost like he did all that work to establish the relationship but didn’t do anything to maintain them after. That’s an important note I thought where it’s one thing to have like a thousand people on your friends and contact list but if you don’t do anything to maintain that relationship then it’s not exactly a strong source of support in both ways. As well the relationship can easily break away.

Almost sounds like the advice you would read in actual romance relationships such as people working so hard to get a significant other where once they do they don’t try anymore to build the relationship. I guess even in business you have to try and maintain then as well if you want to keep it.

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