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Maintaining Contact Regardless of Bad Offers

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An interesting thing happened today where for that fun video project I am doing it apparently garnered the interest of a company that wanted to sponsor it. As usual, what they wanted is that you plaster its name on your creations so that in return for whatever it is that they are giving you they would in turn get advertisement for their business. The thing was the offer seemed exceedingly bad where it seemed like they would be the only ones gaining as funny enough they don’t make any mention of what they would offer you and they want you to start the relationship by advertising them right away.

Yes, a very awkward proposal indeed. While I could just hit the delete button, I think in cases like these you should still in some ways maintain some kind of contact as from what I saw it was a legitimate business. There is no need to burn bridges in these kinds of scenarios as like in these cases I would give the benefit of doubt that maybe they are just being mismanaged where the person in charge isn’t focused in just finding a few good people to work with instead of wanting the moon. So you never know how they may change and so it doesn’t hurt to maintain that contact while politely turning down the offer.

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