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Maintaining An Old Lifestyle With Government Aid Money or Not

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It’s been well over a year since we had all these shutdowns and restrictions that resulted in massive layoffs for employees and many business owners suffering due to the lack of customers. Many had to receive money from the government in order to survive where in many cases it’s still not enough for people to live the way they did. That’s what got me thinking as here in Canada regular people were able to get about $2000 in support a month.

While the common story is that people would use it for necessities such as groceries, it’s interesting to read the stories where people took that money and literally tried to start a business with it as it was almost like having to start over. They would still use a lot of money for necessities but instead of trying to maintain things the way they were they would invest in new resources for their new businesses. In a lot of cases people were successful in doing so such as starting a photography business or tech support one.

I know usually topics like these would garner the responses how these aids aren’t meant for people to invest with. But in these cases it’s not like people are just buying things for the sake of it as oppose to attempting to create a new life per se. I would imagine they would have more of the mindset that things won’t return to normal from what they remembered. But in many ways starting fresh with these circumstances sounds like a viable choice.

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