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Made In Or Packaged In

I was watching some interesting documentaries today about some food products and you had these farmers arguing with each other on why certain items are better in their native country versus the other. Of course that then creates more value for one as anything labelled made in X country is worth more money as the quality is supposed to be better. One guy then decided to do something interesting where he imported the food from the area that apparently produced inferior quality products and all he did was simply repackaged the item in his native country. Because of that he was allowed to write in the packages that it was “made in” his home country.

Of course, I guess the average consumer would assume based on the label that the product is coming from a certain country when really it’s not. At the same time because it costs him less to make the product he can then sell it for less too and so everyone thinks they are getting the same quality items for less. So sneaky huh? This is one of those industries where as a consumer you don’t really bother to do the research either. I can only imagine most of the stuff we think we are buying is a great deal when really it isn’t. Guess the people that were doing it sure knew how to capitalize on an opportunity as well.

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