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Lying For Money

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I was just passed this story that revolved around a contestant named Denise Martin that was on the reality TV show Survivor. I actually did watch the finale this past Sunday and she wasn’t the winner. At the end they had interviews with the contestants as usual. Denise mentioned how being on the show has forced her to lose her original job as a lunch lady at a school to being demoted to a role as a janitor.

The producer of the show, Mark Burnett, felt bad about her situation and it was announced that she would be given $50,000 to help her out. Soon after this happened, the school’s superintendent mentioned how none of it was true as she was a full time custodian prior to participating in the show and that her janitor job was actually a promotion with a pay raise.

Initially, the superintendent received a hoard of negative responses from the public on how the school was being a “scrooge” so to speak among other things. Obviously, that created quite a spark. Eventually, Denise Martin admitted that it was a lie. It was basically a fake sob story to get support I guess you can say.

In general, this whole Survivor season seemed to have sprung up topics on how the best liars are the ones that make the money in the world. One thing I definitely learned when it comes to people who lie for money or support is that when someone’s story sounds a bit too dramatic to be real it probably isn’t. As a kid I always saw lying to others for financial gain as like a form of credit. Basically, you are going to have to pay it back somehow down the road and the longer you hold it off for the harsher the penalty will be. So, it’s better to just earn it honestly.

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