Having A Low Price Standard As Being Expensive
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Having A Low Price Standard As Being Expensive

Today I was having a conversation with a person about these computers where I thought the $2000 ones they were using was pretty expensive in the overall picture as on average most people can probably get by with one that is $1000 or so. That’s when he looked at me and said $2000 is cheap for a computer as he is used to seeing enterprise ones that can literally be $10,000+. To me that is just insane as that is more for something that say movie studios would use.

But it did get me thinking about finance and money and how if your price standards are set way too high in terms of what is “cheap” then odds are you are probably more likely to constantly feel what you have is inferior to everything else. As well you somehow need more even though what you have works for you perfectly. I know for myself since I bargain hunt a lot and knowing the lowest price history of an item that sets my “expensive” alert on a lot quicker than most. To me that is a big way to train yourself to get the best deals to spend less.

This is so true even for groceries. For example, to some people maybe 5 pounds worth of carrots for $4 can be cheap to most as they are used to seeing it for about $6. However, I know historically you can get say 10 pounds of carrots for $4. So to me 5 pounds for $4 is kind of expensive. It helps a lot I find to ensure that I am getting the best prices based on actual market value and history.

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